If you haven’t seen already, we have started a new line of Shredded Paper bedding. This is the cleanest shredded paper bedding you will ever find. It’s unprinted, super absorbent, bright white, fluffy and biodegradable which makes it easy and ideal for horse owners. The bales are approximately 22kg each. Our paper bales can come on singular pallets by courier or bulk loads with our Lorry.

Quote below from a very happy customer using the Shredded Paper Bedding!

“I’ve just started using paper bedding and I’m so impressed with it. I was a bit worried it was going to be heavy when wet but not at all, it’s a dream to muck out, no dust and my horse’s bed looks sooo fluffy and clean all the time now! It’s very absorbent which means you don’t have to take much out, so it is turning out to be really economical. My friends joke that my horse lives in a palace.”

animal paper bedding